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Why Buy A Baby Bean Bag?

When purchasing products for your new baby or for someone else’s baby, there are many things to consider. The items you buy need to be useful, practical and worth the money you spend, as when it comes to baby items they can be quite pricey. As there are so many items on the market, each one differing from the next, it can be quite confusing when it comes to picking what items you need and what items you can just do

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Let’s Talk About Safety

Are you aware that Australia has strict guidelines in regards to what is considered safe and what is considered unsafe, when it comes to bean bags? Are you also aware that these guidelines are revised and updated regularly? These guidelines are set with your babies, your children's and your safety in mind, which is why they are so important. These guidelines specify what every bean bag, no matter what kind it is, must adhere to in order to make the product

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Adult Bean Bags Are Not For Babies

A common question we get asked regularly is, “Why can't I just rest my baby on a regular bean bag? Why do I need a baby bean bag?” As harsh as it might sound, the truth of the matter is that resting an infant on a regular bean bag may result a number of accidents, including your baby suffocating. Regular bean bags are designed to hold adults and children who are strong enough to pull themselves up. They are large enough

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Not Just A Bean Bag

When it comes to baby bean bags there are many benefits. Some include health and well being benefits such as preventing Flat Head Syndrome and reflux, both of which are quite common and also unpleasant. The benefits don't just stop there though, as the baby bean bag is also a great help to mums and dads, as it provides a safe and comfortable place for your baby to rest. This can be particularly helpful if you're having to cook dinner, help

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