Why I Should Order My Baby Bean Bag Filled

/Why I Should Order My Baby Bean Bag Filled
Why I Should Order My Baby Bean Bag Filled 2016-06-21T05:16:35+00:00

Why should I order my bean bag filled?

Sleepy Beans Baby Bean Bags now offer the ‘filled’ option for their baby bean bags! Here at Sleepy Beans we have worked hard with our manufacturers to ensure that filling your baby bean bag is as safe and as easy as it could possibly be. However, having to fill the bean bag yourself does still come at a bit of an inconvenience to you, the customer. Firstly, you have to go out and purchase the actual beans to fill it with. Then, you have to fill it; and while we do stand by what we claim and that is that our baby bean bags are easy to fill, especially with two people, sometimes it can just prove too much of a hassle.

Also, if you are giving a baby bean bag as a gift, then what could possibly be better than to give it as the ‘filled’ option? This way your gift can be used straight away, making your gift useful and convenient.

Our ‘filled’ option baby bean bag comes in a handy and easy to use storage bag, which completely zips up. This means you can safely store or transport your filled bean bag, without having to empty it and also ensuring it stays completely clean, free of dust and ready for its next use.

Here at Sleepy Beans we really are trying to make life with your little one just that little bit easier. So why not order your baby bean bag filled? It’s just one less thing you’ll need to worry about. Simply select the ‘Filled Option’ when placing your product into the Cart.

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