Safety Features to Look For in a Baby Bean Bag

/Safety Features to Look For in a Baby Bean Bag
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Safety Features to Look For in a Baby Bean Bag

A baby bean bag is one of the best ways to keep your baby comfortable and safe. A good quality baby bean bag can serve the baby from birth and well into their early childhood years. However, just like any products that are designed to meet the baby’s needs, a baby bean bag must pass the stringent requirements of passing the product safety standards. Baby bean bags can be beneficial to the baby’s therapeutic needs and for the overall well-being and enjoyment of the baby.

Nowadays, baby bean bags incorporate many safety features to avoid incidents where babies can get hold of the beans and to avoid the product spilling the beans out, endangering your baby. These safety features also aid in preventing threatening accidents like choking on the beans, inhaling the beans, or suffocating on the baby bean bag itself because it is not properly sealed and filled.

Here are the safety features that you need to look for when buying baby bean bags for your child.

Safety Zippers

Always look for baby bean bags that are secured with a safety zipper. This feature works together with the inner liner bag to keep the baby safe and comfortable. The safety zipper can only be opened with a paper clip and acts as the protector from accidental spillage of the beans and to prevent the baby from having a way to grab the bean contents. The inner liner bag is what holds the baby bean bag contents and these openings are more enhanced and protected by the safety zippers. Make sure to check it thoroughly for any broken or hard to zip edges which may lead to further deterioration in the long run.

Inner Liners

The inner liner must be made of a durable and easy to clean fabric material. The latest baby bean bags now have an exterior which is made from a waterproof material with soft, breathable fabric that is easy to clean and maintain; while the inner liner is a lightweight, durable fabric, fitted with a safety zipper. Check for the inner liners and go over the details to ensure it fits well into the baby bean bag and that it is fitted with a safety zipper. It must be removable and machine washable. It also helps to have a bean bag with machine washable tops and a waterproof top layer, which is designed to prevent any mess or spills from penetrating into the inner liner of the baby bean bag and compromising the cleanliness of the filling.

Three Point Harness

Most baby bean bags now come with a removable top layer which has a built in three point safety harness designed for babies. The three point safety harness is an essential feature and must be designed to effectively help the baby stay in place while using the baby bean bag. Check for the clips on the harness and that these are secure when joined together while the baby is in place. The baby must be strapped in a secure position while using the baby bean bag with the help of the three point harness to avoid falling off the baby bean bag. This most essential feature must not only assure the comfort of the baby, but also bring peace of mind to the parents, who rely on the use of baby bean bags while they perform household chores or while trying to feed or entertain their baby.

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